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Perfect Photos In Seven Easy Steps

Over the summer I completed my latest exciting project: building a photo studio alongside my make-up and hair studio in Little Venice. Now, as well as offering professional hair and make-up services, I am able to photograph the finished result, meaning you can leave not only looking beautiful, but with a stunning photograph of your new look! One of the questions I am most frequently asked is how to look shine-free and flawless in photos. After all, photos last a long time!


So here we are. Seven super-easy tips to help you look picture-perfect every time.

  1. I can’t recommend primer enough. It evens out the skin and gives you a lovely base for applying your make-up. Avoid the ones with an SPF factor (avoid foundation with SPF too) and steer well clear of High Definition products.
  2. Use matte foundation and loose powder to minimise shine.
  3. When you apply your make-up, use natural light if possible (more about this in my next blog).
  4. Yellow tinted powders are your friends
  5. Use concealer under your eyes to battle bags. Don’t forget to use eye drops to brighten those peepers!
  6. Love your lips by exfoliating with coconut oil
  7. Always, always blot your face after applying make-up. I recommend using Kleenex Shine Absorbance Wipes. They’re the best!

Forget saying “cheese,” and instead think of something funny or joke with the photographer. A natural smile trumps a fake one every time. To avoid a double chin, elongate your neck and push your face forward a bit. Think of sticking out your forehead and tipping your chin slightly down. It might feel awkward, but it will look great — promise!

If you’re thinking of having some professional photos done of your finished look, do pop by and see me in my gorgeous Little Venice studio. It’s a beautiful environment for taking beautiful photos.

To find out more about photography tips klick here.