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The Best Lighting For Applying Make-Up

Everyone knows that lighting can make the difference between a good photo and a bad one, but it can also be the difference between good and bad makeup application. Perfect lighting is essential for flawless makeup. If your lighting is off, you more than likely won’t get camera-ready results. Good lighting in the area where you apply makeup can not only ensure enhanced visibility, but can also lead to better decisions regarding the colour and quantity of makeup used. Here are a few tips that will make a significant difference to your look;

  1. Natural light is the best! If you have the option of doing your makeup near the window take advantage of it.
  2. The next best think is using “Daylight Bulbs” wattage 60-65. You definitely don’t want anything brighter because it will be too bright, and you may end up putting on too much make-up. I use them myself in my studio in Little Venice. Wonderful effect every single time!
  3. Avoid yellow, rose and fluorescent light. Yellow light in the bathroom creates a sallow skin appearance that can make you look tired and ill.
  4. Stand directly in front of your light. Any lighting that’s overhead is bad. It will cast a shadow and you will end up putting too much on.
  5. Never trust department store make-up lighting! Always shop during the day and take a hand mirror with you to check it outside, before you decide to buy anything.


Girls I hope this blog can help you to look absolutely stunning every time you apply makeup at home. For that special occasion or a birthday party please come to my new beautiful studio in Little Venice, London, with the perfect lighting set up. Hope to see you all soon!




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