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Curly Hair And Keratin Treatment?

Should we throw away £200, £250 or even more for Keratin Treatment that can completely ruin our hair? Well, the answer is obvious. My question is why so many of us still make this big mistake that can damage our hair. It is expensive, smells bad and is dangerous! These treatments contain keratin and a mystery blend of chemicals, sometimes even formaldehyde. There is just no way you should be tearing up during a hair treatment. And, yes, that is one reaction to the formaldehyde! If you are pregnant please avoid salons that perform this treatment!

 Everything you need to know about Keratin Treatment  London

Curly-haired girls; as you know, your hair is very fragile. Here are a few ideas for you to make them look shiny and bouncy without spending a fortune or causing damage.

1. Never under any circumstances have Keratin Treatment done! Don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise. This treatment is very harmful for your body and hair. If you want to know more please read No More Dirty Looks. I am sure you can spend your money more wisely than this.

2. Cut your hair regularly, ideally every 8 weeks and always get a dry cut. Choose a hairdresser who understands curly locks such as; www.unrulycurls.com

3. Wash your hair with sulfate free shampoo. Remember less is more!

4. Style your hair when it is very, very wet. Take your time and rake products through from roots to ends.

5. Dry your hair naturally or if you have to blow-dry, do it with a diffuser.

6. Reduce the amount of heat to minimum. Stay away from a hot flat iron.

7. Give your hair a bit of TLC with a silk pillowcase. It cuts down on friction and keeps your hair smooth.

Curly-haired girls; let your hair’s natural texture shine through without harmful chemicals that are present in Keratin Treatment. Follow these steps and learn how to love your hair! They are beautiful!

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