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Smoky Eyes -A Few Easy Steps!

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Smoky eyes are great for galas and other evening events. It is a great way of dressing up your eyes. It is important to go for black, brown, dark green, dark purple or grey shadows and liners instead of blue hues. Below, I share with you eight easy steps for creating gala smoky eyes:

  1. Apply a primer over your eyelids. Try NARS primer for a long lasting effect but remember to let it set for a few seconds before you apply eye shadow.
  1. Use a soft pencil liner to increase depth of your lashes – my favourite are by NARS. Use the same liner on the lower lashes and than smudge both lash line with cotton bud.
  1. Use cream eye shadow without shimmer – in black, brown or dark green – over your lid and into your crease. You can get very good quality ones by ByTerry. They are really creamy and last forever! You must blend the colour out and outward!
  1. Use a shimmer powder that is matching the colour you applied on your lid, and place it in the middle of your eyelid. Your eyes will immediately sparkle!
  1. Put a lighter eye shower in powder or cream over your brow bone.
  1. Finish your smoky eyes look with gel eyeliner for extra intensity. Tight line your top and bottom waterlines and also apply liner into and underneath the top lash line.
  1. Use eyelash curler – his part is very important! I love Shu Uemura curler. Never use it with mascara on, you can brake your lashes.
  1. Apply two coats of your favourite mascara but please remember to brush and separate your lashes at the end of the application with a clean mascara brush.

Now you should have achieved a smoky eyes look. I hope you like it?

Ladies, if you have any questions please drop me a line or click here for more make-up tips.

5 Concealer Tips For Flawless Skin!

best concealer for flawless skin. London makeup artist.


Correct use of the right concealer is key to getting flawless results with your make-up application. Every woman wants to know how to apply make-up to achieve perfect glowing skin. I want to share with you 5 essential concealer tips that will change your make-up routine forever!

  1. Always apply your foundation first and than your concealer. You won’t need as much of it because you will have already covered some discoloration with the foundation. All you have to do then is to finish with concealer. The most important areas to apply are around your eyes and the smile lines around your mouth. You can also use it to reshape your lips and at the same time stop your lipstick from bleeding; or to create the illusion of plumper lips by applying it to the middle section and finishing with a nude lip gloss.
  1. Apply concealer under the eyes by drawing an upside down triangle, with the base under your eyes and the point towards your cheeks. Use your middle finger to spread the product, applying slight upward pressure. The skin around your eyes is like silk so please be gentle. By pressing softly we give ourselves a lymphatic massage, which is great for the circulation and at the same time we blend the product into our skin for a flawless result. It is very important not to drag the skin down, gravity does it for us anyway so there is no need for us to do any more! For an extra smooth blending effect I suggest you use Beautyblender, an elliptical sponge that blends foundation and concealer to perfection.
  1. Always use pink or peachy coloured concealer over dark under-eye circles. The only way to cover grey and blue when painting is to use a bit of red, and it is no different when applying make-up. Don’t try to use highlighter or yellow toned concealer to cover your dark circles, it won’t work. Each colour of concealer has a different purpose; green to cover spots, yellow to enhance evening skin tone and pink or peachy toned concealer to cover blue under-eye circles. To finish, I like to add a luminescent highlighter on top of my concealer for a light-reflective finish that further disguises areas of shadow. My favourite by far is Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Radiant Touch Highlighting Pen.
  1. Blot the area with a tissue after applying your concealer. This is very important, always remember to do it otherwise concealer will settle in the creases around your eyes. I love using Shine Absorbing Sheets by Kleenex, but you can also use normal tissues, just remember to split it into a few layers, and use one of the sheets to remove excess oil.
  1. Lastly, but definitely not least important, is to set the concealer with a fine powder. I would recommend Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder. Probably my favourite product from that brand. Never apply straight from the pot. Use a fluffy middle-sized brush like Trish McEvoy 45. Put a bit of product on the brush and remove most of it by pressing on your hand. Use what remains to set your concealer.


Girls, now you know how to use your concealer, make the most of it! Also check out my other make-up tips.

7 Make-up Tips for Your First Date!

first date make up tips


First date makeup tips

Going on a first date should be fun, exciting and a great experience for you. The reality often is quite different; we are usually nervous and concerned about how we look. I am going to give you seven essential tips on what to do while preparing for your date, to make the experience more enjoyable. First impressions count, so to be sure you get your make-up right.


  1. Never wear red lipstick on the first date – a soft and natural pout is more attractive. I always advise to go with your favourite nude colour and optionally use a bit of gloss in the middle of the lower lips. Don’t put your lip gloss all over your lips, that’s never a good look. The right shade of red crimson always looks amazing on Asian skin but please don’t wear it on your first date!
  2. Don’t wear too much blush – you may feel a bit nervous and warm on that first matchmaking experience so you are more likely to have some natural blush coming through. Use just a little bit to define your cheeks and to add a three-dimensional appearance to your look.
  3. Use illuminator – it always looks great and gives you a fresh, youthful appearance. That’s what you want on your date! Just put a bit on the top of your cheeks and on the bridge of your nose. You can always add a tiny bit to the top ridge of your upper lip to make it more prominent. If you want to have a more glowing appearance, use a primer like ‘Wonderglow’ from Charlotte Tilbury, I love using it on asian skin.
  4. Go heavy on mascara – please magnify your lashes as much as you can without making them look cakey. Your eyes are the window to your soul and heart so they are very important for your first Asian dating experience. I really like putting a few individual lashes – just in the corners of your eyes – to make them extra long and mesmerizing!
  5. Watch your eyeliner – never be too heavy with it on the first date. Too dramatic a look is not advisable! Keep it soft and light.
  6. Use the right concealer – I know how difficult it can be covering dark circles, especially for Asian girls. Please remember to use at least a couple of different colours. A peachy one to diminish grayness and an illuminating one – my favourite is Yves Saint Laurent ‘Touche Éclat’ – to bring light to the area under the eyes.
  7. Pick a good powder – one that works well with your skin tone and looks natural. I love the ‘Hourglass’ range, which you can buy in Space NK. Press into your skin instead of placing it on the surface. Remember, you want your powder to be part of your skin not a separate layer!


Ladies, good luck on your first date, I hope these tips will help you to look absolutely fabulous! If you want to learn more about other make-up or beauty tips klick here. I am always really happy to answer individual questions or to see you in person in my studio in Little Venice.


Foundation – how to choose the right tone?

Foundation tips - how to choose correct foundation for your skin London


Women spend years to find the perfect tone for their foundation. I will try to help you by providing a simple guide.

  1. You need to know your undertone – people like to check their veins on their wrists but I find this very confusing. My favourite test and an extremely simple one is the tan test. If you tend to tan in the sun and not burn, than you may be a warm undertone. If you don’t tan but just burn, then you have a cool undertone. Those who go both ways could be neutral.
  1. You also need to know your skin type – understanding your skin type is essential to finding your perfect foundation. Oily skin needs a mattifying product to balance the shine, while those with dry skin should look for one with hydrating properties.
  1. What sort of coverage are you looking for? Light, medium or heavy? This could also be a seasonal choice. Women like lighter coverage in summer and a heavier coverage in cooler months. If you have good skin go for light coverage with a tinted moisturizer. It is just a lighter version of your foundation. You can easily mix your winter foundation with your moisturizer to create a tinted moisturizer for summer months. If your skin tone is uneven with a few blemishes consider a medium–coverage product.
  1. Shall we worry about SPF in our foundation? – Absolutely! Most of the foundations these days come with SPF, but the amount is usually not enough. I always recommend that my clients use at least 40 SPF cream under their foundation.
  1. People often wear foundations that are too grey, too pink or too orange. Always check the colour in daylight. Never trust the light in the shop! To find out more about the perfect light for applying make-up please klick here.
  1. Never forget your neck and décolletage when you are applying foundation.

Girls, I want you to remember that the right colour should disappear on your face! If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me directly, or visit me in my studio in Little Venice for one-to-one tuition on how to choose your perfect foundation.

To find out more about other make-up tips klick here.


How To Wash Your Make-up Brushes?

Make-up brushes are our tools and we should look after them with love!

 Washing brushes London

We have two options when it comes to cleaning or brushes: a quick dry method or a more thorough wet wash. The best method of cleaning make-up brushes requires using warm water and gentle soap or shampoo.


  1. Squeeze a small amount of shampoo (ideally sulphate-free) into the palm of your hand.


  1. Wet the soap and cover the bristles.


  1. Using circular strokes, loosen up the dirt on the brushes, but please be careful not to apply too much pressure otherwise you can damage the bristles.


  1. Squeeze the soapy water out of the brush from the base to the tip until the water runs clean.


5.  After washing, take a little of your hair conditioner and stroke each brush gently, coating the bristles.


  1. Rinse well, until they don’t feel slick anymore.


  1. To dry them, lay them flat on the edge of your sink or counter.


The best time to wash your make-up brushes is at night. By the morning you will have bacteria and make-up free brushes. For those that are extra ‘cakey’, use a dab of almond oil to brake down the residue before washing. To prevent products building up too quickly, ‘tap’, dust or wipe extra make-up off your brush with a tissue after each use.




Do not share your brushes with anyone else. Coming in contact with your own oils and germs is one thing, but being exposed to someone else’s bacteria is entirely another. Washing them regularly not only protects your investment and guarantees smooth and consistent make-up application, it does wonders to your skin too. Girls, follow these steps and I promise your face will notice the difference!

If anyone has a tip I’ve missed, please share it in the comments section.

To find out more about make-up tips klick here.

How To Choose The Perfect Red Lipstick?

We often see a red lipstick we love on another person, but it never looks as good on us. It is not easy to find the perfect shade of crimson to flatter our complexion. Before I give you tips how to choose your red lipstick you have to know what undertone you are. Don’t panic if you have never heard of the term ‘undertone’ – If you think of your skin as two layers, this is the layer underneath the top skin. You are either a cool (pink), neutral or warm (yellow) undertone . You don’t need to guess which tone you are. There are many ways to find this out. My favourite test, and an extremely simple one is the tan test. If you tend to tan in the sun and not burn, then you may be a warm undertone. If you don’t tan but just burn, then you have a cool undertone. Those who go both ways, could be neutral.

Perfect Red Lipstick London

Here are six rules for choosing your red lipstick:

  1. Fair skin – Choose fruity colours to brighten your look.

Fair with red hair – look for reds with orange undertones.


  1. Golden skin – rich colours fully pigmented with warm undertones bring warmth and radiance to golden skin tones.


  1. Olive skin – Girls, look for orange-based shades of red, not blue. Complexions with yellow undertones can turn a glowing tan shade with a little help of red lipstick.


  1. Carmel skin – look for lipsticks with a hint of plum to contrast with your complexion. Also add a bit of shimmer to enhance the glamour!


  1. Bronze skin – bold colours, true reds that do not lean towards blue or orange are always the winners.


  1. Dark skin – dark tones look great with clear reds, so they don’t appear ashen. Mirror-like finish or shimmer adds an extra dimension and luminosity!


Girl wearing red lipstick


I hope this helps you to choose a wonderful red for springtime!

To find out more about make-up tips klick here.