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The skin under your eyes is softer than that of the rest of your face and it looses its tightness faster. So here are some tips for choosing the right eye cream for you:


 Eye Cream


  1. Skin type – The eyes need special care so, as you do when choosing a face moisturizer, you need to know your skin type before choosing your eye cream;

Dry skin – cream to hydrate,

Oily skin – cream that absorb excess oil,

Combination skin – I would recommend you consult a dermatologist before choosing your eye cream,


  1. Puffiness under the eyes – Choose eye cream with cucumber, arnica and caffeine, such as ‘Chantecaille’ or ‘Sarah Chapman’, to reduce swelling of the eyes. Also go for yoga or try mindfulness exercises to reduce stress in your life


  1. Dark circles – So many clients of mine suffer from this problem every day! Look for cream with vitamins C and K and with light reflecting ingredients to give the eyes an instant bright effect. My favourite is ‘Nourish’ eye cream.


  1. Anti aging creams – You definitely should start using one when you reach your 40s but it is not a bad idea to start using one from your 20s. I recently discover that Baobab in your eye cream can help to improve skin firmness and strength, diminishing the visibility of fine facial lines. You can find it in ‘Dr. Jacksons Face and eyes essence’ together with others wonderful ingredients like rose water and aloe vera. I love this product!


 The best eye creams in London


If you don’t wear a daily sunscreen, an eye cream with SPF can benefit your sensitive eye area. Using the right eye cream with the right diet can help you to have healthy looking and glowing eyes! I will write more about diet in my next blog. Girls, don’t forget to drink lots of water to keep hydrated from inside out!


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