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We often see a red lipstick we love on another person, but it never looks as good on us. It is not easy to find the perfect shade of crimson to flatter our complexion. Before I give you tips how to choose your red lipstick you have to know what undertone you are. Don’t panic if you have never heard of the term ‘undertone’ – If you think of your skin as two layers, this is the layer underneath the top skin. You are either a cool (pink), neutral or warm (yellow) undertone . You don’t need to guess which tone you are. There are many ways to find this out. My favourite test, and an extremely simple one is the tan test. If you tend to tan in the sun and not burn, then you may be a warm undertone. If you don’t tan but just burn, then you have a cool undertone. Those who go both ways, could be neutral.

Perfect Red Lipstick London

Here are six rules for choosing your red lipstick:

  1. Fair skin – Choose fruity colours to brighten your look.

Fair with red hair – look for reds with orange undertones.


  1. Golden skin – rich colours fully pigmented with warm undertones bring warmth and radiance to golden skin tones.


  1. Olive skin – Girls, look for orange-based shades of red, not blue. Complexions with yellow undertones can turn a glowing tan shade with a little help of red lipstick.


  1. Carmel skin – look for lipsticks with a hint of plum to contrast with your complexion. Also add a bit of shimmer to enhance the glamour!


  1. Bronze skin – bold colours, true reds that do not lean towards blue or orange are always the winners.


  1. Dark skin – dark tones look great with clear reds, so they don’t appear ashen. Mirror-like finish or shimmer adds an extra dimension and luminosity!


Girl wearing red lipstick


I hope this helps you to choose a wonderful red for springtime!

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