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I am passionate about making women look beautiful. The idea of this blog is to share with you my knowledge and research about maintaining and enhancing our beauty.

Anita Sig-01

Hair and Make-up Artist, London


Anita’s Beauty Secrets

 Exercise – keep moving at least 5 days a week is one of the top beauty secrets. Exercises boost your immune system and keep your body in good shape so you can wear a bikini all year around without thinking twice.   Relax – do yoga or pilates and try to meditate....

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Smoky Eyes -A Few Easy Steps!

Smoky eyes are great for galas and other evening events. It is a great way of dressing up your eyes. It is important to go for black, brown, dark green, dark purple or grey shadows and liners instead of blue hues. Below, I share with you eight easy steps for creating...

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How To Choose Your Eye Cream?

The skin under your eyes is softer than that of the rest of your face and it looses its tightness faster. So here are some tips for choosing the right eye cream for you:     Skin type - The eyes need special care so, as you do when choosing a face moisturizer, you...

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How To Wash Your Face Every Day?

Washing your face is not as obvious as it seems! If you're washing it in the shower, stop. Unless you're taking cold showers, which is better for the skin and hair, hot water is drying and damaging. No matter what, you should always wash with cool water. Heat strips...

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