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Make-up brushes are our tools and we should look after them with love!

 Washing brushes London

We have two options when it comes to cleaning or brushes: a quick dry method or a more thorough wet wash. The best method of cleaning make-up brushes requires using warm water and gentle soap or shampoo.


  1. Squeeze a small amount of shampoo (ideally sulphate-free) into the palm of your hand.


  1. Wet the soap and cover the bristles.


  1. Using circular strokes, loosen up the dirt on the brushes, but please be careful not to apply too much pressure otherwise you can damage the bristles.


  1. Squeeze the soapy water out of the brush from the base to the tip until the water runs clean.


5.  After washing, take a little of your hair conditioner and stroke each brush gently, coating the bristles.


  1. Rinse well, until they don’t feel slick anymore.


  1. To dry them, lay them flat on the edge of your sink or counter.


The best time to wash your make-up brushes is at night. By the morning you will have bacteria and make-up free brushes. For those that are extra ‘cakey’, use a dab of almond oil to brake down the residue before washing. To prevent products building up too quickly, ‘tap’, dust or wipe extra make-up off your brush with a tissue after each use.




Do not share your brushes with anyone else. Coming in contact with your own oils and germs is one thing, but being exposed to someone else’s bacteria is entirely another. Washing them regularly not only protects your investment and guarantees smooth and consistent make-up application, it does wonders to your skin too. Girls, follow these steps and I promise your face will notice the difference!

If anyone has a tip I’ve missed, please share it in the comments section.

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